A jazz club within the walls of the Dunkirk court to start a season dedicated to art and justice

“Tribun’art”, the project supported by the Chancellery and the Court of Appeal of Douai will open the Dunkirk court to creation. A first event, unprecedented, will take place this Tuesday: the correctional courtroom will turn into… a jazz club!

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Do not stop at “”, a one-off event that opens the doors of the courts to civil society, but offer artistic events all year round to attract all audiences and engage local actors around creations related to the judicial theme. : this is the project, which has taken shape, of judge Violaine Frumin, vice-president of the Dunkirk court.

Justice is a poorly known, poorly understood public service and the courts maintain this austere, intimidating, solemn image. We do not come to court for pleasure and rarely in confidence. I wanted to break this image, find a way to forge other links between the judicial world and the citizens “explains the judge. A parallel is possible between these words of Albert Camus and all these destinies that break once the steps of the palace are crossed: ” To create is also to give shape to one’s destiny “.

“A society without justice only generates violence”

“Tribun’art”, a vast project supported by the Douai Court of Appeal and the Chancellery, offers a first event, unprecedented in France: transforming the courtroom into a “jazz club”, for the duration of a concert. correctional.

The chosen theme, “Jazz and Justice”, will address, over the songs, the social condition of African-American musicians and racial segregation. ” I wanted to show, in music, that a society based on discrimination, without justice, only generates violence. At the same time, I found it interesting that this correctional room was, for once, a place of appeasement, of sharing and no longer a place of balance of power.. It is also an opportunity to question ourselves, for us magistrates “, Continues the judge who absolutely wanted to associate the Dunkirk actors.

We have a fairly unique Jazz Club in France, a high-quality music conservatory with very high-level, very committed professionals. “. The urban community of Dunkirk immediately supported this original initiative.

The concert will be held this Tuesday, May 31, at 6 p.m., at the Dunkirk courthouse. Free admission.

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