A new associative and alternative café

The Manoir de la Beaume in Couzon is a hamlet irrigated by the values ​​of ecology and sharing. Eight adults and three children currently live there. It is an area of ​​67 hectares, owned by an eponymous SCI, placed under the aegis of the real environmental obligation (ORE) in partnership with the conservatory of natural spaces of the Allier. That is to say that even if the SCI sells its land, it will remain subject to this environmental clause.


Béatrice Biewer is the instigator of the project. “The first experiences here were quite disastrous,” she admits on the collective’s website.

. There have also been happy experiences, such as with Arnaud and Georgie, who left to join a third place in Château-sur-Allier, Le Petit Peuple du Bocage.

Today, in La Beaume, the process of integrating residents and the mode of operation is well defined. Every Monday, the inhabitants hold a meeting; on Wednesdays they do a worksite together and share a meal.

Luise, Stéphane and their daughter Greta have been living here for a year. Luise, who will settle on 4 hectares to produce berries and berries, explains: “La Beaume is a place of collective life. It is not a community, everyone has their own home. On the other hand, we practice mutual aid and have created common spaces”.

The guest rooms of the Beaume manor are held by all the inhabitants, to finance the work of the commons. An outbuilding has been renovated to create an associative café, called Mémé dans les Orties. The place organizes events open to all: next meeting, a karaoke evening, Saturday August 6

. The cafe also hosts other events. Recently, the Meufs en Bocage collective organized a film-debate there.

Children’s yoga classes are organized on Sundays at 10 a.m. followed by adult classes at 10:45 a.m.

Scouting, bikes…

One of the inhabitants, Corentin, oversees a section of the Nature Scouts. This Buddhist-inspired movement created in 2007, a member of the French Scouting Federation, has 40 children registered in its Couzon section.

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