Customer Care: Take care of digital word-of-mouth

Is digital the death of word-of-mouth? Far from it. In a digital world where everything is commented on, shared, disputed, customer service must be at the heart of business strategy. Especially if they are pure-player, especially if they offer services, especially if these carry critical issues for the customer. Satisfaction must drive innovation Developing its … Read more

Forex trading: cos’è e come funziona –

Chi si avvicina per la prima volta al online trading, ha davanti a sé svariati asset e mercati. Tra questi troviamo il mercato delle valute, comunemente noto come Forexends deriving from the contrazione dell’inglese Foreign exchange market. The utente che intende to invest nel Forex, punta a ottenere un guadagno attraverso lo scambio di valute; … Read more

Milano Music Week 2022, the guide: programma, biglietti, eventi, ospiti

Milano Music Week: November 10 begins la caccia al biglietto, on the piattaforma DICE, per gli eventi della sesta edizione del festival, che oublie à la città from November 21 to 27. Alla artistic director Nur Al Habash si affiancano, per una curatela molto speciale, Colapesce e Dimartino. Tiziano Ferro (foto Walid Azami) walid azami … Read more

Black Friday Samsung will be crazy but exclusive offers are already available on the official website

Black Friday 2022 will take place from Friday, November 25. This exceptional day is eagerly awaited by all lovers of bargains. It represents an ideal opportunity to have fun while saving money. Although Samsung Black Friday has not yet officially launched, discounts are already available. It is indeed already possible to have access to very … Read more

CAKE Makka e Ösa: the prova – Anteprima, Prova e Foto

CAKE Makka e Ösa: the prova - Anteprima, Prova e Foto

Abbiamo guidato il Makka e l’Ösa, le due proposte dell’azienda svedese specializzata in veicoli elettrici di design dalla grande versatilità, ma dall’aspetto a dir poco anticonvenzionale Sei un marchio praticamente sconosciuto con prodotti praticamente sconosciuti, farti notare a Eicma non è affatto facile. What’s up Cake però ci sono riusciti, con uno stand nemmeno troppo … Read more

USA 2020: the Capitol invaded by pro-Trump, the United States and the world in shock

This Wednesday evening, the Capitol, located in Washington, was invaded by pro-Trump activists. According to the US Capitol Historical Society, this is the first time the Capitol has been invaded since the building was burned down by British troops in 1814. These scenes of violence shocked the world. According to the US Capitol Historical Society, … Read more

Giovane dell’oratorio salesiano Giostra Messina tra i migliori della “Customer Service School”

John Napolitanogiovane dell’oratorio salesiano giostra di messina è uno dei tre studenti migliori della prima edizione della “Customer Service School”, the scuola di alta formation gratuita promoted da Samsung Electronics Italia, Randstad Italia and Salesiani per il Sociale, nata per formare specialisti del Service per il territory. L’area Corporate dell’ufficio Fund Raisinig di Salesiani per … Read more

Forex Trading Explained, Avoid the Pitfalls

Starting a career as a forex trader is not trivial, especially if you want to succeed and earn money in the stock market in the long term. Above all, the approach contains many pitfalls that discourage many beginner forex traders. Learn here the basics of forex trading, to understand trading, understand forex, and how to … Read more

at -40%, it comes to ridicule the iPhone 14

A few years ago, OnePlus made the decision to focus on the high-end smartphone market. If it has not neglected the mid-range segment, it has made a name for itself with the best manufacturers in the world thanks to several models. The latest is the excellent OnePlus 10 Pro, whose release price already had the … Read more