Berlin Ice Cream Week returns for its third edition

The famous Italian ice cream festival announces its return with some 37 partners across the German capital from May 5 to 11.

Berlin Ice Cream Week is an event created by True Italian, to promote Italian culture and local craftsmanship. While the first edition took place during the pandemic, this did not dampen the notoriety of the event. Ralf Sander, CGO at Gimme Gelato and participant since 2020, explains that they continue to participate because “we are delighted to promote our ice creams and our experience with other ice cream parlours”. Allowing professionals to meet and creating a marketing event for all participants, it is a godsend for all Berlin ice cream makers.

Rebecca, Project Manager at True Italian, explains that they had done other food festivals before, “craftsmanship is one of our main criteria [et] ice cream is one of the highlights of Italian culture”, the alliance of the two was almost destined to come into the world. She also says that Antonio Tomasello, owner of DUO Sicilian Ice Cream, is the one who launched this idee. Seduced by the concept a partnership was formed between the two companies. With Sara Trovatelli leading the project and other companies joining the project, this is how Berlin Ice Cream Week came to be.

Organic products at low prices

By offering Berlin’s ice cream makers the opportunity to create a special taste for this event, which they will sell for €1 a cup, they want to make it attractive to locals and tourists alike, while remaining affordable. This also helps to highlight these craftsmen and boost the local economy. For example, Gimme Gelato is featuring two flavors this year: Bavarian Hazelnut and White Coffee. Mr. Sander, explains that they source their organic hazelnuts from Supernutural located near Munich. They are then toasted and with a nut mill, they carry out the oil extraction themselves which will be used to give an aroma to the ice cream. The same goes for the coffee beans, which they buy from a partner located in Friedrichshain.

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In addition to using local products, the innovations do not stop there, Felipe Zuniga unveils the mechanisms of the Principessa ice cream machine, an Italian innovation signed Motor Power Company. Currently used at DUO, this allows ice cream parlors to put the ingredients directly into the machine and make ice cream with fresh products without adding water. He also explains that it is supplied with electricity with standard sockets, much less greedy than the other machines and it is nomadic. With such specificities, it is the unicorn of ice cream machines offering superior product quality with lower cost in production.

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And although this is only a sample, all these profiles have the same desire to make ice cream with the most authentic taste possible for their customers, while celebrating Italian gastronomy. And to top it all off, Berlin Ice Cream Week is offering two competitions with prizes, a chance to win a trip to Rome or Milan and a €50 voucher to be used in one of the 37 ice cream shops. participant so do not hesitate to try your luck.

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