Cahors. A mobile social and solidarity grocery store created for the south of the Lot

The Banque de France and RERTr seal their partnership with this €4,500 check for the creation of the traveling social and solidarity grocery store that will sail around Cahors in the south of the Lot. (©Actu Lot)

Since 1990, at Cahors in the Lotthe association RERTr (Network of Mutual Aid and Relations of Terre-Rouge), through several activities, works to‘occupational integration sustainable development of people experiencing difficulties.

Among these activities (ecological laundry, catering, with varied menus and good taste quality, to order, every Friday), there is the supply ofsocial and solidarity grocery storelocated in the Ste-Valérie district of Cahors, in partnership with the CCAS of the City of Cahors.

As an extension of this last activity, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2021, this year 2022, RERTr, chaired by Fabian Soria, and managed by Julien Bastide, has just create its traveling social and solidarity grocery store in the south of the Lot, around Cahors (Luzech, Limogne, Pradines, Lalbenque, Montcuq, Castelnau-Montratier, Catus, etc.) in association with various local associations.

In short circuit

Within this traveling social and solidarity grocery store, the beneficiaries of the service will benefit from the basic products found in any grocery store, such as fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, dry products. It will also offer organic. RERTr will work in a short circuit, collecting unsold items, but also in conjunction with the Lot food bank. Like all social and solidarity grocery stores, beneficiaries can choose the products they buy.

The circuit will be communicated within the local contact points and to RERTr, in time, knowing that the itinerant grocery store will stop every half day in the villages.

In addition to benefiting from basic necessities, at low prices, by paying 10 to 30% of their market value, the goal of this mobile social and solidarity grocery store is to create social ties, to promote exchanges.

Who can benefit

To benefit from the services of this innovation from RERTr, which manages the entire project, you must have a remaining charge of less than 5-12 euros per day, and have a project.

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Indeed, the money saved, by using this grocery store, must be used to finance a project, whether it is a driver’s license, the search for accommodation…

Beneficiaries will be able to go to this mobile social and solidarity grocery store for 4 months, renewable once, until the project is completed. The challenge for this grocery store, whose circuit will evolve according to local needs, is to avoid “falling into extreme poverty”.

This traveling social and solidarity grocery store is also aimed at precarious workers, people awaiting their retirement rights, within the limit of 4 to 8 months. Home deliveries can be made for people with mobility problems.

For this project, RERTr will have a storage warehouse in Cahors, and two trucks, one of which is refrigerated. Indeed, wishing to work exclusively in short circuit, no frozen product will be sold there.

State aid

This new service coordinated by Audrey Zannetty and where two employees work, will constitute a new integration project for RERTr, with 3 employees in integration, i.e. a delivery person and 2 order pickers, who will have a minimum contract of 4 months and a maximum of 2 years, a good way to integrate into the world of work on a long-term basis.

This project has an operating cost of €150,000 and an investment of €70,000, with the acquisition and fitting out of 2 trucks.

For this, RERTr has benefited from the support of the State, within the framework of the action plan for the transformation of food aid and the ANDES network, thanks to which the social and solidarity grocery store benefits from “food aid” authorization. .

On May 20, 2022, at the RERTr headquarters in Cahors, Fabrice Mengual, the departmental director of the Banque de France, accompanied by his deputy Xavier Aubry, formalized their partnership by granting aid of €4,500 to finance this new activity. . This is the third time that the Banque de France has supported RERTr.

Every year, the Banque de France selects the most interesting projects to support, corresponding to their ethics. This can be one-off financial assistance, or support for training, financial and budgetary education. The insertion fully corresponds to their values. It is quite logical that the Banque de France supports this RERTr project, which extends its scope of action beyond Cahors and Grand Cahors, relying on the networks and local associations of integration and food aid.

This project is not in competition with traditional businesses, but allows everyone to eat their fill, and to finance a project, to solve a specific problem.

This month of June 2022, RERTr’s traveling social and solidarity grocery store will start with one village, then three villages in September, and will gradually develop, taking into account local needs.

Thanks to the dynamism and energy of Fabian Soria, Julien Bastide, employees and volunteers, RERTr weaves social ties between humans and improves self-confidence through work and recognition.


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