#AreneDiRoma2022 – Teatro India Film Society (28 Giugno – 31 Luglio)

Nella suggestiva cornice all’aperto del Teatro India e dopo il successo di pubblico delle scorse edizioni riparte la rassegna cinematografica Film Society. Ecco la programmazione ————————————————– ——— SCUOLA DI CINEMA SENTIERI SELVAGGI: APERTE LE ISCRIZIONI ANNO 2022-23 ————————————————– ——— Una programmazione sofisticata e di altissima qualità, articolata in inediti internazionali, grandi classici italiani e stranieri, … Read more

“I will be a real counter-power” says Eric Coquerel – EURACTIV.fr

A few days before the vote to elect the chairman of the National Assembly’s Finance Commission, scheduled for Thursday (30 June), Eric Coquerel, candidate on behalf of the coalition of left-wing forces NUPES answered questions from EURACTIV France. Eric Coquerel is deputy for the 1st constituency of Seine-Saint-Denis. In an interview on Saturday (June 25) … Read more

Society works better when men and women are represented in equal measure.

Society works better when men and women are represented in equal measure. (Chris Samuels | The Salt Lake Tribune) US Senate candidates Ally Isom, left, and Becky Edwards. | June 23, 2022, 12:00 pm More than 150 years ago, Seraph Young made history when she cast her nerd in Salt Lake City—the first American woman … Read more

Strikes and conflicts at work in France (3) – Have unions really become useless? – COUNTERTIMES

Have companies become union deserts and are unionists no longer able to mobilize employees? The recurrent highlighting of the low rate of unionization in France – 8% of unionized employees, including 5% in the private sector – seems to accredit this type of observation. However, do employees totally ignore the trade unions? This article was … Read more

Commentary: Shootings show that an armed society is nothing more than a fearful society | Opinion

For decades, lies about gun violence have sustained policies that get many people killed. Tops Fresh Market in Buffalo, NY, and Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, now enter America’s list of mass shootings. It is a list of intense sorrow and shame. And it is a list we too quickly forget. We are a … Read more

Company. Mother’s Day, an outdated tradition?

Pasta necklaces, bouquets of flowers and other pretty attention will be offered Sunday to moms on the occasion of Mother’s Day. But in some homes, this tradition enshrined in law since 1950 no longer really makes sense. So much so that teachers have decided to rename Mother’s Day or not to celebrate it at all, … Read more

Ligonnès case: behind the scenes of the Society investigation

Chapter 1: the bet Thursday July 23, 2020. We are in the heart of summer. The first after deconfinement. Will the French go back to the kiosks or throw themselves on the download platforms, in search of breathtaking fictions if they do not find themselves around sporting events? Franck Annese, the boss of the magazine … Read more