Cherry tails to lose weight? All the incredible benefits of flower stalks + healthy recipes

Cherries are among the most loved fruits by people around the world. Ranging from bright red to deep red, these treats strike the perfect balance between sweet and sour and are typically used in desserts. Cherries contain an abundance of antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties as well as other benefits for the body. That said, it’s surprising that the benefits of cherry stems aren’t widely known. It is indeed a concentrate of nutrients, just like the fruits themselves. Today we tell you how to take advantage of the peduncles to lose weight and to solve certain health problems.

What are the health benefits of cherry stems?

Cherry stems have a unique chemical structure that makes them very potent if you use them for therapeutic purposes. They have the ability to expel water from the body without affecting the salt balance. They dilute the blood and allow the heart to work more comfortably. It is a very strong preventive power against the internal lubrication of the veins. Finally, cherry stems are effective in lowering triglycerides and cholesterol.

Cherry tail to lose belly and detox naturally

cherry stem for weight loss

Cherry stalks are useful for weight loss. It is an excellent detoxifying product that eliminates all toxins and fats from your body. The peduncles also have laxative properties, allowing you to have a smooth bowel movement.

Recipe for cherry tail herbal tea to lose weight

In a saucepan, pour about a handful of cherry stems into a liter of water. Boil over low heat for seven minutes.

cherry tail herbal tea recipe

After a complete boil, filter without waiting to cool and fill a bottle that you will store in the refrigerator. Drink only one glass of water a day, half an hour before meals or two hours after meals. After a week of application, we pause for three days, start again for a week and end the cure.

Do not use a larger amount after three days. If necessary, prepare again. If your cherry stalks are dusty, you can wash them in cold water. Never wash them in hot water.

Cherry tail for the kidneys. Prevention of kidney stones

cherry stem infusion kidney stone

Cherry stems have anti-inflammatory properties and purify the kidneys. They are also useful in the treatment of kidney stones. The peduncles contain volatile oils as well as potassium salts, having a diuretic action that improves kidney health. In addition, they eliminate toxins from the whole body.

Cherry stem for gout

cherry stem herbal tea drop

Cherry stems are very beneficial for treating gout and rheumatism, two diseases that cause severe pain. Peduncles have anti-inflammatory properties and flavonoids that strengthen joints, tendons, and also eradicate free radicals.

Cherry stems and cholesterol

cherry stem and hypertension

If you have high cholesterol, take 1 or 2 cups of cherry stem tea every day.

Natural painkiller

the tail of cherry detox

Most of us prefer to take aspirin when the pain hits us badly. But, instead of taking such drugs, you can always consume a cherry stem infusion which will relieve the pain. The liquid will also strengthen the nerves and have a calming effect.

Cherry stems for water retention. Prevention of edema

cherry stem edema

Edema can occur on any part of the body, including the face, legs, arms and ankles. Bloating, which occurs due to the menstrual cycle, can be cured by cherry stems due to their ability to flush out toxins.

Cherry stems for urinary tract infection

cherry stem urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection caused by harmful bacteria leads to pain during urination. The stems of cherries have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and depurative properties which fight against the problem. They also have healing and antioxidant properties that give your body a calming effect.

how to eat cherry stems

The next time you eat cherries, don’t throw away the stems. Dry them in the sun and store them in an airtight container. You can make a powder or store them as they are.

If you don’t want to use dry stalks, opt for fresh stalks. Include them in your salads, sandwiches and dips, or consume a spoon with a glass of water. Create amazing recipes and stay healthy.

Cherry stem bath (for face and feet)

how to make cherry stem infusion

This recipe soothes puffy eyes and tired feet. Put a pinch of cherry stems in 3 liters of water and boil for 10 minutes. When the water boils, add 20 g of cinnamon and 5 grams of linden (15-20 leaves).

Put this mixture in a large bowl and let it sit for 20 minutes before using.

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