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Edenred makes customer obsession a priority. It is not enough to have customers who are more or less satisfied. We want real fans and ambassadors »has recalled Pierre Morel-Fatiodirector of customer experience, during the first Customer Experience Day, which was held on Thursday October 6, 2022 in the group’s premises in Malakoff in the Paris region. Organized as part of the first Customer Experience Week (October 3-7), the event brought together Edenred teams and BtoB customers who use its offers: employee benefits with Restaurant Tickets and gift cards, professional mobility solutions… CX Day was also an opportunity to award certain employees Customer Experience Awards. 31 other sites, out of the group’s 45 worldwide, organized similar events.

Employees who are agents of change

“This first Customer Experience Week in the group’s history and the CX Day illustrate the major transformation of the customer relationship at Edenred »Explain Damien Nuyttens, Director of Customer Experience & Operations at Edenred France. Since the dematerialization of paper vouchers and the launch of the Ticket Restaurant card in 2015, then the mobile application in 2018, the group has in fact multiplied direct exchanges with the various users of its solutions: the end user, the corporate or community customers and merchant partners (restaurants, etc.). All employees are agents of this change. We are convinced that the transformation of the customer experience comes first from us and a cultural ‘change'”he adds.

To infuse this customer culture into the company and draw inspiration from champions in the field, Edenred invited Angelique Gerardemblematic figure of the Iliad group and former director of subscriber relations at Free, to share his experience. Author of the book The customer experience, a story of emotions (2020, Ed. Eyrolles), she recalls that, while tools and technological innovation are necessary levers in an improvement process, they are far from sufficient: Both positive and negative emotions should be welcomed into the company. We manage our emotions, those of others… Relationships with customers are steeped in emotions. » It therefore invites “share the customer experience within the company” because “emotion is a message of action that you have to know how to listen to and translate ». At Free, employees Free Helpers » have been trained to develop this emotional intelligence: “We invite them to be attentive to the environment of the caller. Reacting to a crying baby or a barking dog allows you to immediately enter into a more personal exchange », she notes. This makes it possible to create a diversion and/or to partially compensate for the frustration of the customer who calls his telecom operator in a moment of stress because his line or his Internet access is not working.

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Direct access to customer testimonials

The group also invited several customers from different business sectors to share their positive and negative experience with the brand during CX Day. From start-ups to large groups, for example, they recalled the need to convince internally when choosing or changing a meal ticket or gift voucher solution provider – and to have in hand the arguments that hit the mark – , the difficulties sometimes encountered in setting up digital tools, underlined the responsiveness of Edenred teams to solve specific problems…

Several Edenred customers spoke about their experience with the group during

These testimonials conveyed very directly to employees the perception of our customers of the company.. They showed that the experience is not always perfect the first time, but that taking into account the customer’s problems makes it possible to improve. We also realized that many customers do not know the extent of our offer. There are still efforts to be made to develop awareness of our services and cross-selling opportunities”acknowledges Pierre Morel-Fatio.

Coming in 2023: a user and business club

If the ambition is strong, there are still many things to accomplish. “We are going to launch a user and business club in early 2023, with a panel of customers, users and merchants who will be able to test our solutions in preview », says Damien Nuyttens. A co-construction approach which constitutes a new development for a group which has always had a very commercial corporate culture but which, five years ago, still concentrated the marketing function in the Business Units.

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