FPT Software and Agora Software Partner to Accelerate IoT Deployments with No-Code

According to the agreement, FPT Software will offer its customers the Agora Software platform in order to quickly prototype and deploy IoT solutions in fields as varied as industrial solutions, predictive maintenance, smart cities or digital agriculture.

PARIS, January 31, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FPT Software, a Vietnamese technology and IT services company, and Agora Software, a French company pioneering No Code solutions for the IoT, today signed a partnership agreement with the aim to provide an end-to-end service for the development of IoT applications, which includes Agora Software’s No Code platform and FPT Software’s IoT development, deployment and maintenance services. This collaboration will optimize the development of new solutions and allow the interoperability of heterogeneous systems as well as the integration of existing systems.

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FPT Software and Agora Software Partner to Accelerate IoT Deployments with No-Code (Graphic: Business Wire)

According to the CEO of FPT Software Europe, Mr. Jérôme Modolo, this collaboration between the two companies is recognition of FPT Software’s digital skills and its position as a leading global company in IoT services. In addition, it brings values ​​for both companies: “Thehe partnership between FPT Software and Agora Software will allow our customers to carry out faster prototyping and deployment of their connected solutions, by taking into account the needs of interoperability and evolution from the first stages of system design. These advantages will encourage the development of new businesses “, did he declare.

FPT Software has a center dedicated to IoT, Cloud, AI and security skills, as well as more than 600 engineers specialized in IoT on many platforms, who have developed more than 150 complex and rigorous IoT projects. The company offers an integral and personalized service, from the definition to the operation of the solution. This partnership would therefore make it possible to accelerate and simplify the implementation of these solutions. “Thanks to Agora Software, our highly qualified people, our expertise and our knowledge of the industry, we are now able to develop these innovative solutions faster and more efficiently. “, he added Jérôme Modolo.

Mr. Thierry Grenot, President of Agora Software, declared “We are very happy with this partnership which, thanks to the IT and IoT skills of FPT Software, puts the Agora Software solution at the service of many customers to make their heterogeneous systems collaborate and place their teams at the center of their processes”.

“With Agora Software, getting the different components of a project to work together usually only takes a few hours. And there is almost no need for training: thanks to the no code, the business teams quickly appropriate the solution. In particular, the use of natural language on the collaborative tools already implemented in companies facilitates adoption by end users. Customers gain in agility and comfort, not to mention the savings thus generated,” he then added.

The cooperation between FPT Software and Agora Software is now in place and offered to all customers of both companies in order to improve operational performance, ensure rapid and large-scale implementation of connected objects and reduce costs. throughout the value chain. These services are aimed at all IoT user markets: industry, energy, agriculture, smart territory, health, etc. ; that is, wherever data is needed to quickly make and apply operational decisions, while maintaining a central place for teams and end users.

About FPT Software

FPT Software is a subsidiary of the FPT group, specializing in the provision of IT technologies and services, headquartered in Vietnam. With more than 513 million dollars in turnover and 20,000 employees worldwide, FPT Software is developing internationally in more than 26 countries. The company is present in Europe and particularly in France, with offices in Paris and Toulouse, as well as in Germany and the United Kingdom.

As a pioneering company in digital transformation, it offers digital platform services, Smart factory, RPA, IA, IoT, Cloud, AR/VR, BPO, etc. FPT Software has helped more than 700 customers worldwide – including over 100 Fortune 500 companies – with software development, deployment and implementation, and maintenance. The company is present in areas of activity such as energy, finance, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, trade, distribution, health, media, transport and logistics.

For more information, please visit https://fpt-software.fr/

About Agora Software

Agora Software is a French company specializing in automatic language processing (TAL) and no-code orchestration for operational processes (OT – Operational Technologies) including users. Based in France and present in Canada (Montreal), Agora Software is an active member of the Deep Tech Systematic Paris Region competitiveness cluster.

Digitization is penetrating all businesses and sectors of activity, and the rapid proliferation of solutions is creating silos that complicate deployments and limit functionalities. Agora’s mission is to make users, applications, IoT and Web services collaborate in a very simple and very fast way: hence the use of natural language (multilingual and omnichannel) for the relationship with users and no-code scenarios very easy to set up for automation. The Agora Software solution can be used in many fields: smart territories, industry, agriculture, energy, health, insurance, etc.

For more information, please visit www.agora.software

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