Fundraising in P2P – Doctors of the World

Do you want to mobilize those around you around the values ​​of Médecins du Monde? You can use social networks or dedicated sites to create a personal fundraising page.

The personal fundraising page, what is it?

The personal fundraising page is a form of crowdfunding. It allows you to mobilize those around you around a cause that is dear to you.

To put it simply, you create a kitty to support a non-profit association, such as Médecins du Monde. In this way, you give the opportunity to your loved ones to financially support the humanitarian association in a few clicks.

With a personal fundraising pageyou become an actor and actress of change, your action provides real financial support through fundraising that is fueled by the participation of your loved ones.

By sharing your commitment to Doctors of the World, new donors and donors discover and join our cause.

Fundraising on what occasions?

Do you want to organize a party, a birthday, a dinner for the benefit of Doctors of the World and want to make it a reality?

Do you want to mention Doctors of the World on a wedding or birth list or on a death announcement and make this moment a moment of solidarity?

You just need to create your personal fundraising page in a few clicks and communicate with those around you to make it known.

Organizing a fundraiser for Doctors of the World, how does it work?

There are several possibilities to create your personal fundraising page for Doctors of the World.

Organize a Facebook fundraiser

You can mobilize your Facebook friends by creating a fundraising for an association such as Doctors of the World, for example, on the occasion of your birthday.

When creating a birthday fundraiseryou will need to provide the following information:

  • The non-profit organization for which you wish raise funds.
  • The amount you hope to raise.
  • The date on which you would like your Fund raising ends.
  • The title and description of your Fund raising.

To create a fundraiser for Doctors of the World, on Facebook, click here.

Personal Instagram collection page

If you want raise money for our association, on Instagram, it’s simple! All you have to do is make a story and click on the donation sticker. Then you choose Médecins du Monde from the available associations. To make it easier for you, Instagram has set up a search bar in donation sticker.

Fundraising association by HelloAsso

Do you want to mobilize those around you on a program or theme that is dear to you, without going through social networks?

Médecins du Monde is present on the HelloAsso website which allows you to raise funds through a crowdfunding campaign.

You can manage and administer your own crowdfunding campaigns to support our actions. For create a crowdfunding campaign for the benefit of Médecins du Monde, you can write to us at

ROAD FROM RUM 2022 : Doctors of the World & HelloAsso unite to trigger waves of solidarity

This year, navigator Morgane Ursault-Poupon takes part in the Route du Rhum on the Class40 Doctors of the World ! On this occasion, Médecins du Monde is organizing with HelloAsso a major mobilization of sailing clubs and nautical associations.

Wherever you are, your club can participate in this spirit of solidarity and offer sporting and convivial events, solidarity raffles or committed mobilizations to donate funds to Doctors of the World.

To participate

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