Gilles Leperlier presents his ticket

The word to the fellows:

Marie Rivière: “I’m here because Etang-Salé is a pleasant town with great potential that deserves to be showcased. We want to improve the daily life of the population. We have people from all sides, people with and without political experience. The population of Etang-Salé is our great strength”.

Alain Payet: “I am happy to see the union of young and old. Gilles is a person from Etang-Salé, trained, together we can do a good job. It is with you that change will take place, for the better”.

Fabienne Nativel: “Native and inhabitant of Etang-Salé. I’m here because we need change. I am interested in the projects of all the inhabitants who cannot express themselves, the projects of all of us. It is with consultation that we will move Etang-Salé forward”.

Anthony Riviere: “Without knowing each other, we managed to come together, to unite with our differences. We all want to do something for Etang-Salé, we did not find ourselves in the political offer and the proposal that is made today is beautiful. This city, we love it, we want to find a serene climate, a little lost in recent years and above all a future”.

Clarel Calpetard: “After 14 years of commitment to the former Mayor, no longer being on the same wavelength, I preferred to leave. Then I met Gilles Leperlier, a young man with integrity and ambition. A person who knew how to unite beyond political labels. Together, we can do a good job on Etang-Salé”.

Alain Grondin: “Politics was over for me. I thought about it and faced with the lack of concrete solutions to move Etang-Salé forward, I decided to join this team. Despite our differences, there has always been a lot of respect with Gilles. He is honest. This is an example to take. I regret that accessibility is not taken more seriously, especially in the heart of the city”.

Sandrine Mayot: “It’s a first political experience for me. I was won over by the program. At Etang-Salé, we need a revival. We need this better living together, accessible to all, at Etang-Salé. The points that are close to my heart are education and tourism. The children of today are the adults of tomorrow, we must do everything possible to ensure that they have a sustainable future and that they are happy. There is a lack of enhancement, possible activities, the redevelopment of our coastline, for example”.

Intervention by Gilles Leperlier, candidate at the top of the list:

“This election allows us to offer a credible alternative, a new political offer which is not based on insults or violence but on the basis of a project, of people who want to put themselves at the service of Etang- Saleans. The first bet that we succeeded together was that of rallying. We are not in logics of oppositions, of duality. When we are elected, we will fight for all the inhabitants. Living better together is our deep commitment.

I believe in public service in its noble sense, in the service of the public: local facilities, elected officials present. We propose a moral leap, exemplarity, a new ethic in politics. We owe it to the people.

With citizen consultation, we will be able to provide the best possible support to citizens: an unfiltered welcome, citizen advice, a participatory budget, local equipment, mediators,… Far too many elderly people are alone, we will put in place, with the Department the delivery of meals.

In terms of development, we must connect the different districts, highlight the history of our city, the memory of our gramounes. Get to know us better to better respect our city.

On the exceptional coastline of Etang-Salé, facilities to protect it and allow soft modes of travel, disabled-beach labeling, coastal shelter for our fishermen and the development of a sea economy. Circuits pedestrians and bicycles will be safe and accessible to all.

In the city center, we are defending complete modernization, with housing, shops, relay car parks, free shuttles, urban parks, thanks to co-financing which exists but which is not used today.

In the heights, exceptional points of view are to be highlighted, as are our trails and local crafts. It is a place of breathing but also where it is possible to find oneself, through the shared gardens with the support of the farmers.

In this period when purchasing power is being undermined, we will make school transport free, school is our priority, an investment in the future: renovated schools, from August 2022, extracurricular activities will be generalized with permanent staff, the quality of meals increased and promoting short circuits with our farmers.

This list is unlabeled, I’m on the left but today we managed to unite people from all sides. We are here to win, take responsibility and implement our project, this peaceful and harmonious development”.


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