How to recover deleted files after emptying Recycle Bin?

A quick manipulation and you emptied the Windows Recycle Bin when it contained an important file? Do not panic ! Thanks to many software, it is possible to find photo files, audio files, documents or even e-mails.

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A file is never completely deleted on a Hard disk. So, if you happen to need to retrieve a document, a Photoa music file or other content, it is possible to use software created for this type of problem.

Recover Deleted Business Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro

With a rate of 97.3%, Ease US Data Recovery Wizard is a software for recovering deleted, formatted or lost data on the PC. Unquestionably part of free data recovery software the most complete, Ease US Data Reovery Wizard allows you to recover photos, files, videos from hard drives or damaged, and this in 3 clicks.

Several versions of Ease US Data Recovery Wizard exist, from 66.69 € to 459 €. The data loss scenario, supported devices (PC, laptop, hard disk, storage device, RAID, server etc.) and lifetime customer service are common to all 3 versions. Depending on the options, it even offers in its Technician version to recover data for your customers!

Recover Deleted Files on Windows with Recuva

Download and install the free Recuva software

Once the file is downloaded, click on it to start the installation. In the first window that appears, open the drop-down menu “ Select your language » then choose « French » and click on « Next ». Select the installation options offered. In the next step, check the option “ No, I don’t need CCleaner » then click on « Next » and complete the installation.

At the first start, Recuva activates a wizard that we advise you to use. It will help you to configure your search by accompanying you at each step. You can tell him the type of file to find as well as its location. In the case of our example, we launched a search on the Trash of Windows.

Once the analysis is complete, Recuva draws up a complete list of the files it has identified with a code color indicating the probability of successful recovery: green (excellent), orange (very poor), red (unrecoverable). All you have to do is select the file(s) to restore and then click on “Recover”.

You will notice that the name of the files is not mentioned but only their type. If you have trouble recognizing them, click on the “Switch to advanced mode” button (yellow arrow on the capture above). You will then have several tabs which will give you, when possible, an overview of the file, information on its creation date, last modification and last access.

Recover Deleted Files on Mac with Recoverit

While Recuva is recommended on Windows, for users of mac, there is Recoverit. Also working very well on Windows, Recoverit offers a free trial, which allows you to view the files recovered from emptied recycle bin and already, to see if they are whole. Not to mention the possibility of recovering 100 megabytes of files for free, for a greater volume of files you will have to upgrade to the Pro version.

To be able to recover them, a lifetime Pro license costs 49.99 euros for Windows, or 89.99 euros for Mac. Please note that creating bootable media requires the slightly more expensive Ultimate version. Otherwise, there are slightly more economical subscriptions.

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