iOS 15.5 – All new features available for your iPhone

Another day, another Apple software update. Apple iOS15.5 has arrived and with it some new improvements.

The new update, which is widely available to the public after the beta testing period, mostly features under the hood changes, with minimal user-focused improvements. That’s a far cry from previous iOS 15 updates, which announced a host of new features. Apple’s latest major phone software update, iOS 15.4, added the ability to use Face ID while wearing a mask as well as a new voice for Siri, just as an example.

However, iOS 15.5 promises some notable changes. Here’s a look at what the update offers.

Podcast episode management tool

Podcast listeners who find themselves running out of storage space will appreciate the new update. With iOS 15.5, you can now decide how many episodes of each show you want to keep on your phone at any one time. Old episodes will now automatically be deleted to make room for new uploads.

The new update is hard to find in the Settings app. Scroll down to Podcasts, select Podcasts and tap the Auto Download option. The feature should be off by default, but you can limit downloads by time or count or just have it download all new episodes.

USA only

apple money

Apple users can now send and receive money directly from their Apple Cash card through the Apple Wallet app with the iOS 15.5 update.

To request or send money directly from Wallet, users can open the app, tap their Apple Cash card to display it, then tapRequest” Where “sendAdd recipient information, enter a cash amount, and follow the steps to complete the order or transaction.

Apple Cash can be used with Apple Pay on iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad, or transferred to a bank account. Parents can also set up an Apple Cash card for their children and send money to their children easily and securely with Apple Cash Family. Parents can see their children’s Apple Cash balance and spending, and also apply spending limits if needed.

As someone living in Australia, I hope this exciting new feature hits our shores soon!

Apple account card

Another native US feature is the addition of an Apple account card.

The Apple Account Card revives and replaces the iTunes Pass, adding the ability to pay for Apple Store purchases from your Apple Account balance. You can buy Apple gear as well as other apps, music and downloads

Other New Apple iOS 15.5 Features

  • The Restricted Sites list is now part of the Photos app, to steer visits to places like Holocaust memorials away from the slideshows of memories the app automatically creates.
  • The Home app adds Wi-Fi signal bars to show your HomePod connection.
  • For iPadOS 15.5, Universal Control is now officially out of beta. This feature lets you use input devices on your iPad and Mac.

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