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When you embark on a business creation project, and invest your time, money and hopes in it, it is difficult not to feel stress in the face of the possibility of failure. This feeling can be beneficial for the creator: it will help him not to take decisions lightly. But most often, it is a real incapacitating factor, which can have devastating effects on morale, health and affect personal life. You must therefore learn to “tame” it at all stages of your project.

“Stress is inherent in starting a business. It is felt all the more intensely during a first creation”, explains Hirfane Soogun. This consultant-trainer in business creation works for BGE Provence-Alpes Méditerranée and supports project leaders.

According to him, investing fully in the structuring phase of the and materializing its progress can greatly reduce stress: “You have to put down on paper what you know as quickly as possible, carry out surveys on your market. Because stress often finds its roots in the unknown and uncertainties. When we talk about figures or facts, everything suddenly becomes much more pragmatic! “, assures the adviser.

Facing the unknown

This fear, Estelle Billet, Annaëlle N’Kaoua and Claire Lombard can testify. In June 2021, the three young women opened together The House of Nines in the midst of a health crisis. This 130 m² space is located in the Noailles district, in the heart of the first arrondissement of Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône). The place hosts both a coffee shop, a restaurant with about forty seats and a store that offers clothes and accessories from small independent designers. La Maison des Nines also offers a catering service as well as the privatization of the place for various events.

From left to right, Claire Lombard, Estelle Billet and Annaëlle N’Kaoua launched La Maison des Nines in June 2021.

The project of the three entrepreneurs was entirely designed during the period of confinement and the health crisis that followed. The moment was inevitably prone to complications and delays, and therefore to stress: “We carried out 6 months of work in the midst of the Covid crisis. We invested 250,000 euros in the project and we had to open as soon as possible,” says Annaëlle N’Kaoua. To thwart the sterile rumination of sticking points, the three associates emphasize communication. First among themselves, then with those around them: “We mobilized all our friends to help us make the final preparations,” jokes Annaëlle N’Kaoua.

Approach the launch calmly

The culmination of everything the entrepreneur has built over months or even years, the launch of the project is also a major stress factor: “The entrepreneurs I support have a good command of their core business. But to be an entrepreneur, you have to have several hats, such as supplier management, prospecting or management,” explains Hirfane Soogun. He advises new entrepreneurs to prepare in advance, by storing as much knowledge as possible in the preparation phase because they have more free time. At the time of the launch, the project leader(s) can then focus their efforts on the success of their business, and reduce the time spent on ancillary tasks.

Hirfane Soogun, consultant-trainer in business creation at BGE Provence-Alpes Méditerranée.

This is the route that the trio of entrepreneurs from the Maison des Nines decided to follow. They took advantage of the time of confinement to best prepare for the transition to the concrete. In particular, they drafted a provisional business plan, and collected the advice of restaurant owners in the neighborhood, to facilitate their implementation. “It was also an opportunity to review our values, refine our concept and reflect on what was really important to us,” says Annaëlle N’Kaoua.

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