New DS 3: the art of refinement

New DS 3 receives a new infotainment system available on a large 10.3-inch high-definition central screen with a redesigned frame and a Glossy Black finish. Connected navigation and intelligent voice recognition are offered by DS IRIS SYSTEM. The special feature of this system is the possibility for the user to personalize the central screen and the 7-inch instrument panel, complete with a head-up display, projecting essential information in front of the driver’s gaze. The central screen is divided into 12 zones and can accommodate widgets of variable size. The handset is, for its part, divided into 2 distinct zones which are also customizable. At the same time, the functions can be controlled thanks to an advanced voice recognition system or thanks to the sensitive controls on the central facade. The implementation of the functions has been reviewed in order to improve ergonomics and to integrate the specificities of the ds iris system. the mirroring function is now available wirelessly.

visible from the large central screen, visio park 0 enhances the range of driving aids available on New DS 3 by offering parking assistance with 360° vision restored from new high-resolution digital cameras.

Fitted as standard with a camera behind its windscreen, New DS 3 includes high-level driving aids as standard: active help with keeping in line, reading of speed signs, with display of the information in the instrument panel , automatic emergency braking up to 85 km/h.

By scanning its surroundings using a radar located behind the front bumper and additional sensors, ds drive assist combines adaptive cruise control with stop and go function with lane position support to offer semi-automatic driving. autonomous level 2. ds drive assist positions the car with the help of the markings on the ground according to the driver’s wishes. This feature means you don’t have to worry about repeated stops and starts, while maintaining your trajectory with complete peace of mind. It is associated with the Active Safety Brake system. Capable of detecting other vehicles as well as cyclists and pedestrians, including in low light between 5 and 140 km/h, this automatic emergency braking analyzes the risks of collision and can trigger maximum braking on its own in order to avoid the impact or to limit its consequences.

Available as an option, the extended recognition of traffic signs detects, in addition to speed signs, certain traffic signs (Stop signs, Prohibited direction, No overtaking and End of no overtaking signs).

Fitted with LED headlamps across the entire range, New DS 3 presents a new face. Structured around three rectangular modules aligned horizontally, underlined by an elegant satin finish, this new design imposes a more daring look. Lighting performance is increased, while reducing energy consumption for a gain in autonomy (E-TENSE 100% electric) or CO2 (internal combustion engines).

ds matrix led vision is available as an option. this device has a light beam which automatically adapts to the environment, which allows continuous driving in “full headlights” mode, without dazzling other road users. ds matrix led vision works thanks to 3 led modules which serve the “dipped beam” function, but also to a block divided into 15 segments on each headlamp. the LEDs in this block light up and go out gradually, segment by segment, depending on the driving conditions detected by a camera located at the top of the windscreen. ds matrix led vision illuminates far and wide without ever dazzling the vehicle in front or the one coming in front. Real comfort and above all more safety, especially at night.

New DS 3 features flush door handles. This exclusive technology allows both to preserve the purity of the style, to give an avant-garde touch to the silhouette and to optimize its aerodynamic efficiency. The handles deploy when users need them, and disappear into the side of the car the rest of the time, whether stationary or driving. In addition, with its hands-free access and starting system (ADML PROXIMITY), all you have to do is approach the car (from 1.5 meters) for it to unlock and the 4 handles to lock. automatically deploy. When they move away, they retract and the vehicle locks.

The absolute reference of a French sound signature

Drawing on the know-how of FOCAL, which is a benchmark in the world of high-end audio systems, DS Automobiles has developed a unique on-board system called FOCAL Electra. Twelve loudspeakers, including a subwoofer, are carefully integrated into the interior and have specific treatment Bronze Belem-coloured metal grilles. Thanks to a dedicated amplifier, the 515 W audio system provides high acoustic performance in order to obtain a dense sound of great purity. Sound spatialization is optimal and uniform in the passenger compartment. Designed like an auditorium, New DS 3 offers an exceptional immersive audio experience.

TNF tweeters feature aluminum inverted dome technology, delivering optimal sound dispersion and highly detailed highs. The woofers, midrange satellites and center channel have Polyglass technology to ensure sound balance and precision. The subwoofer has a 200 mm Power FlowerTM triple coil technology, for a defined and dynamic reproduction of low frequencies.

The collaboration between Focal and DS Automobiles redesigns high-fidelity for a DS Lounge effect: the sealing of the doors, the door felt, the acoustic treatment of the windows and the soundproofing of the engine compartment have been specifically studied. The layout of the 12 loudspeakers is carried out in such a way as to enjoy a perfect immersive experience. For example, the rear tweeters are in the high position, integrated into the shark fin. The behavior and dynamics of low frequencies is optimized from the digital design of the doors, through specific work on their stiffness compared to conventional designs. A particularly fine adjustment is then undertaken in close collaboration with FOCAL to finalize the work on the sound balance and the spatialization of the scene. The guarantee of respect for the excellence of the French sound signature.

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