Ogust Food, cooking at the service of undernutrition

The startup responds to a triple challenge with sauces that are both gourmet, nutritious and easy to implement.

Composed of natural and culinary ingredients, this patented innovation was designed to put pleasure back on the plate, and restore appetite and health. And it works !

This is confirmed by an environmental study carried out in nursing homes on 370 meals, in collaboration with INRAe-CSGA and the Dijon University Hospital. . With the scientific backing of 2 leading researchers in Europe on undernutrition, the study measured the effectiveness of Ogust sauces by evaluating the pleasure dimension and the consumption of residents.

But also they are hasapproved by all the links in the chain : residents, nursing staff, groups of establishments, collective catering companies and scientists.

Excellent prospects for Ogust Food which places the transmission and intergenerational exchange at the heart of its DNA, and thus responds to a real public health issue.

Ogust Food, committed to the fight against undernutrition

Long considered a second-order problem, the management of undernutrition has become a priority (PNNS 4).

It’s the reason for being by Ogust Food, winner of the first promotion of Nutrition Lab by Prevent2care Lab. His mission : properly feed 100% of malnourished patients. This is 1 in 3 people in a retirement home, 400,000 elderly people at home and 40% of people with cancer in France alone.

“When my grandmother became a widow, she entered the vicious circle of undernutrition. This situation accelerated his entry into a retirement home where the management of his malnutrition was limited to a tasteless and highly medicalized offer who, failing to complete the meals, ended up replacing themst. I realized the magnitude of the problem.. “, shares Zacharie Thiery.

Gastronomic sauces to meet the challenges of catering

Taste is at the center of Ogust Food’s thinking! It is no coincidence that Zacharie surrounded himself with an expert in French cuisine to demedicalize the product offer.

Developed by Christian Têtedoie, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and Michelin-starred Chefthe recipes are designed to counter the change in taste due to aging or cancer, based on scientific criteria.

Already available for sale, the cheese sauce and the mushroom sauce andn are the first illustrations. Each of them is available in a dozen recipes. Soups, side dishes, gratins, white meat, fish, textured dishes… It’s a good way to avoid monotony. More concretely, the sauce makes it possible, for example, to transform a mix into a high-calorie and protein mix very simply, in addition to facilitate swallowing and chewing.

This innovation fits intelligently into the care pathway.

Fortification of the traditional diet and administration of oral nutritional supplements were the first steps in the management of undernutrition.

An effective solution for all malnourished subjects

Ready to use, tasty, enriched and more economical than a conventional oral nutritional supplement (CNO) This product ticks all the boxes.

With 10 grams of protein and 110 kcal per servingthe equivalent of a sauce ladle, Ogust doubles the protein and energy intake of a normal dish traditionally consumed.

Adding Ogust sauce to a main course achieves extremely high levels of enrichment without replacing existing components (yoghurt, cream desserts), or even increase quantities to ingest (meat, fish or vegetables).

And that’s not all: the elderly are dressing the plates! This is confirmed by an environmental study carried out within the ACPPA Associative Group (Welcome and Comfort for the Elderly), with the active involvement of the collective catering company Medirest.

At present, on a panel of 60 malnourished elderly people distributed in 3 EHPAD-type establishments, we can affirm the following elements:

· Supplementation is effective for all residents : the average consumption is 70% for small eaters and more than 90% for normal eaters

· 80% of the sauce is therefore consumed on average all sauces and combinations of dishes combined, thus ensuring a supplementation of 8g of protein and 90 kcal.

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