OPPO crowned with Impact Award and Consumer Technology Innovation Award

OPPO was crowned with the Impact Award and the Consumer Technology Innovation Award at BEYOND in recognition of its achievements in sustainability and fast charging with its SUPERVOOC technology.
This year’s BEYOND Expo, which kicked off on September 21, attracted more than 20,000 science and technology innovators, as well as 500 of the world’s top tech companies. This exhibition saw the presence of OPPO among the exhibiting companies at this event, where it presented its achievements in the field of sustainability and the results of the results of the innovation accelerator of the OPPO Research Institute.
As part of the BEYOND Expo, the expo awards aim to highlight the latest innovations across multiple industries, including healthcare, sustainability, and consumer technologies. Also among these awards are the Impact Awards, which recognize organizations for their impact in solving public issues using technology and their positive contribution to the environment, science and technology. OPPO was crowned this year with the Impact Award in recognition of its positive impact and achievements in the field of sustainability.
Thanks to OPPO’s continuous efforts to provide faster and safer charging of electronic devices over the years, OPPO’s SUPERVOOC Flash Charge technology was named Technology of the Year and Breakthrough Technology by the BEYOND Award Jury . The impact of fast charging technology and this product ecosystem also earned OPPO the Consumer Technology Innovation Award.
Dr. Lu Gang, co-founder of BEYOND, said, “The exhibition was created with the aim of showcasing innovative technology and its impact on society. This is what OPPO has successfully demonstrated through the OPPO Research Institute’s Innovation Accelerator, where it demonstrated the role of innovative technology in positively impacting society, industry and society. how people experience technology.
When it comes to OPPO’s fast charging technology, the company designed it not only to provide faster charging for electronic devices, but also to improve safety and battery life in the engagement. of OPPO towards sustainability. At this expo, OPPO also showcased its industry-leading Battery Health Engine technology, which improves battery life by using a system-wide intelligent battery health algorithm and treatment. By doubling the battery life, OPPO helps reduce e-waste and its customers enjoy optimal battery performance of their smartphone for longer. OPPO’s SUPERVOOC fast charging technology, the world’s first fast charging technology for mobile phones, has improved the charging experience of 220 million users worldwide. This technology also continues to inspire innovation and encourage the spread of fast charging technology by issuing more than 1,800 licenses allowing manufacturers from other companies to integrate the technology into their products.
During the expo, OPPO showcased its achievements in sustainable product packaging and its efforts to encourage partners on the ground to join in recycling e-waste. From 2018 to 2021, OPPO achieved a 95% reduction in plastic usage for its mobile phone color boxes, and in China, the company recycled 216 tons of mobile phone products.
Launched by OPPO earlier this year, the OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator is a platform designed to enable technology and innovation participants around the world to unleash the power of their ideas for greater good. This year’s edition of BEYOND will allow attendees to learn more about all the winning proposals from this year’s accelerator. Among the proposed proposals are a large earthquake early warning system, an artificial intelligence diagnostic and psychotherapy system, holographic imaging technology, and more. These solutions aim to address current issues in the fields of accessible technology and digital health, as well as operationalize OPPO’s principle of “technology for humanity, benevolence for the world”.

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