Our selection of feel-good movies to (re)watch when the weather isn’t good

“The Proposal”, Anne Fletcher

When Margaret, a powerful publisher, is threatened with deportation to Canada, she announces that she is getting engaged to her assistant, Andrew, whom she has abused for years. The couple then travels to Alaska to meet Andrew’s family. As preparations for the wedding progress, the duo finds it increasingly difficult to stick to the planned plan…

Available on Disney+.

“10 things I hate about you”, Gil Junger

In high school, Bianca cracks up all the boys. Her older sister Kat scares them all away. In question ? His angry character and rebellious behavior. The girls’ father is very strict about their outings. He agrees to Bianca going out with a boy only if Kat does the same. Cameron, in love with Bianca, will set up a diabolical plan of attack.

Available on Disney+.

“She’s the Man”, Andy Fickman

In the absence of her twin brother Sebastian, Viola disguises herself to join the men’s soccer team to prove that her women’s team has every chance of competing. But she hasn’t planned to fall in love with her partner Duke, who only has eyes for Olivia. Olivia who will fall for Sebastian who makes Viola.

“Hercules”, John Musker

While the party is in full swing in ancient Greece, Hades kidnaps Hercules, son of Zeus, to make him immortal. In eighteen years the planets will be favorable for the god of the underworld to free the Titans and be able to take power over Olympus. Problem, Hercules is no longer a god but he remains a demi-god all the same.

Available on Disney+.

“Jackpot”, Tom Vaughan

Joy just got dumped, Jack just got fired. They don’t know each other but after a crazy night in Las Vegas they wake up married. If they decide to separate it was without counting the jackpot received by Jack of 3 million dollars at the slot machines with a coin lent by Joy. Then follows a real battle to make themselves unbearable and push the other to divorce.

Available on Amazon Prime.

“It’s kind of a funny story”, Ryan Fleck

Craig, 15, goes to the hospital because he is afraid of committing irreparable harm. He is then sent to the psychiatric hospital and ends up in the adult department. He will then meet Bobby who will become his sidekick and Noelle, the only teenager like him in the centre.

Available on Canal+ VOD.

“The art of getting by”, Gavin Wiesen

George does not work at school even in plastic arts, the only subject that interests him. One day, he rescues one of the most popular girls in high school, Sally. From there, they just hang out together. When George starts to develop feelings, he also has to make up three weeks of homework or he won’t graduate.

Available on Netflix.

“The Intern”, Nancy Meyers

Ben is 70 years old. Retirement doesn’t really suit him, he’s bored. He then responds to a trainee position on a clothing sales site, created and managed by Jules. He is quickly accepted and appreciated by his colleagues, who are all young. Ben then becomes a father figure for everyone with his wise advice, especially to Jules. The young woman is struggling to juggle her family life and her professional life.

Available on Salto and Amazon Prime.

“Sex with friends”, Will Gluck

Jamie, a headhunter, tries to recruit Dylan, an artistic director. They quickly realize that they are on the same wavelength: they want to have sex without attachments. They go out together regularly as friends, and share the same bed as a “sex call”. But will they be able to face the traps that await them for a long time?

Available on Netflix.

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Licorice Pizza, Paul Thomas Anderson

Alana and Gary meet on the boy’s class picture day. Alana works as a photographer’s assistant and Gary already has some acting experience. Intrigued by his extraordinary self-assurance, she accompanies him to New York for a television show. From there begins a crazy adventure between business and heart stories.

Available on Canal+.

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