Society works better when men and women are represented in equal measure.

Society works better when men and women are represented in equal measure. (Chris Samuels | The Salt Lake Tribune) US Senate candidates Ally Isom, left, and Becky Edwards. | June 23, 2022, 12:00 pm More than 150 years ago, Seraph Young made history when she cast her nerd in Salt Lake City—the first American woman … Read more

Peter Pan Careers in Tourism: 1400 years in 2022

Peter Pan Careers in Tourismsocietà attiva da oltre 25 anni nel campo della fornitura di servizi alberghieri e di intrattenimento e spettacolo, cerca personale in tutta Italia per le assunzioni della stagione 2022. The selezioni sono finalizzate all’inserimento di oltre 1400 risorsetra animatori, personale alberghiero e altri profili, da impiegare in hotel, resort e villaggi … Read more

M&G Real Estate acquires the “Rio” building from Ardian for 271 million euros

Carried out with Ardian, this transaction was carried out on behalf of the pan-European core fund, M&G European Property Fund, in accordance with its long-term objectives of increasing its exposure to France. climate bonus This 8,676 m² asset was recently transformed to make it one of the most virtuous office buildings in Paris. Rated “Excellent” … Read more

What is quantum dot technology?

Quantum dots are making waves in the world of TVs and displays, but what exactly are they? Is this another misuse of the word “quantum” by marketers, or are these points as amazing as they say? The artificial atom Quantum dots are particles of semiconductor material only a few nanometers in size. Also called “artificial … Read more

Documenta exhibition in Germany opens new perspectives for Arab art

BERLIN: This year, Documenta – the contemporary art exhibition that takes place every five years in Kassel, Germany – puts aside isolated individual work in favor of the collective. The exhibition, which runs from June 18 to September 22, explores the intersections between art and life, less object-oriented and more process-oriented; artistic practice as a … Read more

Modernist Pizza, la Bibbia mondial della Pizza presented in anteprima il 20 giugno a Napoli con Nathan Myhrvold

MODERNIST PIZZA – edizione italianaCon NATHAN MYHRVOLDfounder of Modernist Cuisine and co-author of the bookin dialogue with LUCIANO PIGNATARO MONDAY’ 20 GIUGNO | ERO 18 PIZZA VILLAGE, AREA OSPITALITA’LUNGOMARE CARACCIOLO, ROTUNDA DIAZNAPOLIAl finishes tasting at cura di Enzo Coccia Che cosa è il libro Modernist Pizza Modernist Pizza è l’ultimo titolo pubblicato da The Cooking … Read more

Google ancora nei guai in Uk: seconda indagine antitrust sull’advertising

Google ei suoi comportamenti sul mercato dell’advertising online finiscono per la seconda volta nel mirino dell’autorità antitrust britannica Cma (Competition and markets authority). La nuova indagine si concentrate sul ruolo del colosso americano nelle tecnologie pubblicitarie. The Cma aveva già avviato un’inchiesta, insieme all’Antitrust dell’Unione europeasull‘accordo del 2018 tra Meta (allora Facebook) e Google sulla … Read more

Senior Secured Loans give a false sense of security

These loans, which are very popular with investors because they promise good performance in phases of rising interest rates, nevertheless reveal a risk that is not taken into account. Since the beginning of the year, the investment segment of Senior Secured Loans, or leveraged loans, has recorded inflows of approximately 12 billion dollars. Senior Secured … Read more

How to recover deleted files after emptying Recycle Bin?

A quick manipulation and you emptied the Windows Recycle Bin when it contained an important file? Do not panic ! Thanks to many software, it is possible to find photo files, audio files, documents or even e-mails. You will also be interested A file is never completely deleted on a Hard disk. So, if you … Read more