Rached Ghannouchi, get out!

Unsurprisingly, the second round of the French presidential election will pit outgoing President Emmanuel Macron against Marine Le Pen.

How does the French election concern us? In nothing. But we watch it anyway, as we would watch an exciting series (or not) on Netflix or a movie at the cinema.

For decades, we dreamed of having this kind of election at home. We too dreamed of having contradictory debates, analyzes of the polls (which were very wrong), scandals drawn from the drawer in the middle of the campaign to be published in Le Canard enchaîné or Mediapart, journalists and magistrates who do not let themselves be intimidated by ministers and presidents, etc. Yes, for years, we watched the presidential election and we began to dream of having this at home.

After the 2011 revolution, it is now done. It’s up to us to play the game and put on a good face with this democracy that fell from the sky.

But how to do politics when you have been deprived of it for decades?

Tunisians are not alone, far from it, they have partners who are there to teach them about politics. Americans on one side and Europeans on the other.

The former supported the Islamists. Thanks to them, they swapped their wrinkled clothes from 2011 for fashionable suits and ties. They taught them how to gather masses, how to hold a press conference, how to raise funds, how to pay “militants” with biftons to participate in demonstrations (a very common practice in the United States), how to banana an entire population. The Americans have spared no expense in making former Islamist terrorists respectable and eligible people. They will continue to support them until the 2019 elections.

The second, the Europeans, have played multiple cards, some with the Islamists, others with the fachos and some with the laity.

Millions of dinars have been injected by all these countries, directly and through NGOs, to support Tunisia’s nascent democracy.

Without this money, without this support, there would have been no Isie and IVD, Bawsala and I Watch, Nawaat and Inkyfada.

The money was there (and it’s still there), it was flowing and had a definite purpose. Not to support democracy, as they say, but to support very specific agendas.

Strongly supported by the Americans, the Islamists were able to win the elections of 2011, 2014, 2018 and 2019. They only know the Koran and its derivatives, the Americans taught them everything else.

The result is clean. With these two cards in hand, God and the Americans, the Islamists have always been able to dominate the scene to the detriment of other political actors.

Feeling all-powerful, the day after the 2019 elections, the president of the Islamists Rached Ghannouchi demanded, and obtained, the presidency of parliament. His ” children “ were split in two thanks to a strategy adopted by the Americans. The moderate Islamists are maintained in Ennahdha (as if there were moderate Islamists!) and the radicals have a new shop called Al Karama.

At the assembly, they played the politics of the good cop and the bad cop. They cheated, cheated and cheated. The opposition was stammering and there were only the PDL and Attayar to noisily counter the daily frauds and violations of the law. They were treated to daily verbal attacks and regular physical attacks. Abir Moussi and Samia Abbou had to go on hunger strikes to stop the Islamist circus. Without success.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Rached Ghannouchi terrorized the country with arms and fire water; in the 2010s, he terrorized it through the state apparatus. The Islamists may well be prosecuted, but all the files were sleeping in the drawers of the courts. Sahbi Smara, Seïf Eddine Makhlouf and Néji Jmal may have physically attacked deputies in front of the cameras, but they have never been bothered by the courts and they still are not.

This circus had to be stopped and it was President Kaïs Saïed who had this courage on July 25th.

But what has he done since? Nothing ! Absolutely nothing ! The state is in decline, the coffers are empty, inflation is breaking records, the police are at their heels and justice at their command. Its men and women are either powerless and unable to find concrete solutions, or real clowns. It is enough to see the governor of Ben Arous to be convinced of this.

Tunisians are applauding the president for now, but they will soon open their eyes and realize that he is not much better than the Islamists.

Kaïs Saïed may be honest and sincere, but he does not have the makings of a statesman. He understands nothing about politics and communication. Someone who gives a speech at midnight cannot be a good communicator. Someone who is unable to maintain a team around him (the majority of his advisers have resigned) cannot be a good politician and unite a country.

Whose fault is it ? To all of us! We are a lazy, pretentious, illiterate and ungrateful people.

But if we have to name a culprit for all our ills, it would undeniably be Rached Ghannouchi.

The Islamist has done a lot of harm to the country. It was not Kaïs Saïed who put an end to the Tunisian democratic experiment, it was Rached Ghannouchi through his shenanigans and his cheating.

There would never have been a coup d’etat on July 25 if Rached Ghannouchi had not cheated, used dirty money and sent his mercenary MPs to strike at opponents within of the assembly.

The people are beginning to open their eyes and let it be known. On July 25, he set fire to Ennahdha premises. Yesterday and the day before yesterday he shouted ” clear “ in front of Rached Ghannouchi who came to pray in mosques miles from his home.

Without falling into conspiracy, it is not excluded that these thugs were sent by teams of the regime, determined in turn to counter the opposition by unhealthy means.

Followers of karma will readily recall that this same technique has been used for the past ten years by Islamists to terrorize the opposition and the media.

We can criticize Kaïs Saïed ad infinitum (and Business News does not hesitate to do so), the fact is that he is right to seek to remove the Islamists from the scene.

Rached Ghannouchi must get out of the Tunisian political scene, he caused him a lot of damage. He is certainly not responsible for all our evils, but he is guilty of being the origin of many of these evils.

If, by some miracle, we manage to regain our democracy and a normal political life, it is imperative that the Islamists be excluded, and Ghannouchi first.

Western democracies have indeed excluded neo-Nazis, it is our duty to exclude cheaters, fraudsters, aggressors, self-proclaimed ambassadors of Allah and those who belong to the same movement as terrorists.

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