Simulate your consumer credit online to better estimate your project

Need to finance a wedding, a new car? FLOA’s credit simulation tool can help you see through your project. With its personal loan and revolving credit offers, the 100% online establishment is a benchmark for financing all types of projects.

A free, non-binding credit simulation

Performing a first online simulation via a credit calculator is recommended to get a first overview of the cost of your project. It allows you to very easily determine your future monthly payment according to the capital borrowed, even before approaching a bank or a credit organization. Three pieces of information must be entered in the FLOA simulator:

  • the type of project planned (purchase of a new or used car, work, etc.);
  • the amount to borrow ;
  • The Repayment period ideal for you.

Does the amount to be repaid each month seem too high? No problem: redo a simulation by increasing the repayment period. FLOA allows you to test different hypotheses by spreading the amortization of the loan from 6 months to 5 years.

You can also reduce the amount borrowed to reduce your monthly payment: a FLOA consumer loan can be included between €500 and €15,000. In any case, a credit simulation remains non-binding.

A clearer vision of the financing of your project

Each simulation gives rise to the display of a result table that is both clear and easily readable, including:

  • the amount of the monthly payment ;
  • the total amount due (i.e. the sum of the borrowed capital and interest, excluding optional insurance);
  • the borrowing ratethe interest rate applied to the amount borrowed;
  • the annual percentage rate of charge (APR), i.e. the interest rate including the total cost of consumer credit (including administrative costs, for example);
  • The monthly cost ofloan insurance optional.

Why use the FLOA credit calculator?

A personal loan simulation online with FLOA: allows you to determine immediately if your project is viable and can give rise to financing.

Are you interested in the loan proposal? Borrowers then benefit from a procedure of 100% online subscription with :

  • A solution of electronic signature efficient and secure for the loan contract;
  • Native compatibility on mobile and tablet ;
  • A formula zero paper and environmentally friendly.

Do you know the Coup de Pouce offer?

FLOA has developed a “Coup de Pouce” offer of mini-loan. Borrow an amount between 100 and 3000 € to be repaid in three months.

A consumer credit to finance what types of projects?

Many projects or life events can generate financing needs. With 3 million customers, including 800,000 cardholders, FLOA is one of the benchmarks in the consumer credit market for individuals.

The proposed borrowing conditions may vary depending on the nature of the project. The included financing reasons offered in the credit simulator include:

  • the car loan (new or used, heat engine or hybrid/electric, etc.) or camping car ;
  • the motorcycle loan ;
  • Buying a boat ;
  • the work credit and energy savings for housing;
  • The Hobbies and trips ;
  • The events of a family nature such as marriage

You can finally opt for a unrestricted loan in order to solve an unforeseen situation.

Personal loan or revolving credit? FLOA (formerly Banque Casino) is a key contact. Test its credit simulator now.

The three key points to remember:

  • The FLOA credit calculator offers a quick and free loan simulation, without any commitment.
  • The 100% online bank can finance all of your projects.
  • A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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