Six candidates from Cher for the Pizza World Cup in Rome, Italy

Never had Cher presented so many candidates. Five cooks and a cook from the department will go, from today until Thursday, to the Pizza World Cup, in Rome. This is the 20th edition which brings together hundreds of cooks from all over the world.

Like last year, pizza maker Olivier Mazzadi (La Felicità, Bourges), a regular in the competition since 2017, will be there with his employee Dylan Thévenot. Same thing for Jean-Michel Treuil (Enzo Pizz’, Mehun-sur-Yèvre) and his employee Mickaël Flin. New this year is the arrival of Alexandre Besson, from the La Fabryk pizzeria in Vierzon, and Mounia Hajraoui, an employee of Olivier Mazzadi.

Olivier Mazzadi, the pizza chef from Bourges, is crowned world champion

For the World Cup, everyone will come with their ingredients. Most of the shopping will be done in the Cher, then on site, in Rome, for fresh products. The most delicate phase should be the cooking: “The most complicated is the management of the oven, explains Olivier Mazzadi. The greatest stress occurs during cooking. »

“You need perfect cooking, an assembly of tastes, a beautiful cornice”

No less than 20 different categories will bring together candidates from all over the world. Thus, Alexandre Besson will present an innovative pizza and a dessert pizza. Olivier Mazzadi and Jean-Michel Treuil will each offer a margherita and a classic pizza. Dylan Thévenot will take care of a margherita, a calzone and a dessert. Mickaël Flin will opt for a calzone and a marinade. Finally Mounia Hajraoui will not prepare a pizza but golden spaghetti.

premium Two Berrichons crowned at the Pizza and Spaghetti World Cup in Italy

In addition, the Titan category will include those who have already been on the podium (first, second or third place in the World Cup). This will be the case for Jean-Michel Treuil and Olivier Mazzadi. The latter has already won three awards, including a place as world champion in 2017, for dessert pizza.

The jury will have a lot to do to decide between the pizzaiolos. “You need perfect cooking, an assembly of tastes, a beautiful cornice (the edge of the pizza, editor’s note)”, says Olivier Mazzadi.

Faced with so many competitors from around the world, the six Berrichons hope to show their qualities. “We brought the know-how of French cuisine to a pizza dough,” says Olivier Mazzadi with satisfaction.

“Share a moment together”

And even if the stress will be there, our six cooks from Berry are very happy to go to Rome together, among friends. “We come above all to share a moment together, insists Olivier Mazzadi. There are not many French departments that will present six pizza makers at the same time?! »

Benoit Morin


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