Snacking: The Food Trends of Tomorrow

A benchmark event for all players in the snacking industry, the Sandwich & Snack Show unveiled the innovations put forward by the exhibitors. For its 22nd edition, the show wanted to be a source of inspiration and this year presented nearly 200 innovations that will influence the world of food and the world of fast food.

Every year, we are amazed by the dynamism of the fast food sector and its players who never cease to surprise us. The show is a veritable showcase for tomorrow’s food innovations and thus aims to be a source of inspiration for all out-of-home catering professionals,” explains Béatrice Gravier, Director of Sandwich & Snack Show and Parizza.

New packaging: No more single-use plastic

From the resealable cups without lids from Firstpack to the recyclable trays for Sushi and maki from Alphaform Platipack, through the biodegradable range made from certified paper from Garcia De Pou to the reusable ceramic range from Firstpack, the packaging sector is on the move. also in snacking!

Recyclable, recycled, compostable, washable… With the new legislative measures and the end of single-use plastic, packaging players are competing in imagination. There have never been so many innovative responsible packaging and tableware offers at the show. Manufacturers are stepping up their ingenuity and proving through their product lines that we can make things beautiful and good for the planet.

A flood of novelties

The most dynamic sector of the show, beverages are constantly renewing and surprising. Surprising and explosive flavors and colors, containers that break the codes… food & beverage players surprise again and again. Thus, Naka offers a relaxing sparkling drink based on CBD, Les filles de l’ouest presents the Schorle, an association of fruits and sparkling water, organic and made in France, this drink respects artisanal production methods. Calypso opts for regressive colors for its refreshing lemonades. Finally, Appie offers Mona Craft Sodas that are 100% natural and produced with a simple and short list of ingredients, without colorings, preservatives or additives.

Poultry donut, tuna and vegan feta… we will have seen it all at the show. Among the nearly 200 innovations presented, some stand out for their originality. Snacking becomes super original. With the healthy, the natural and the functional also settle in the snacking. To drink, taste or nibble, the healthy offer is everywhere! “Free” innovations are on the rise: additive-free, coloring-free, preservative-free… Kefir, kombucha, craft sodas, vitamin smoothies. Fresh Food village presents its sparkling fruit drink resulting from the fermentation of kefir grains, Atika highlights its Kombucha-based drink, obtained through the fermentation of tea, Delindrinks dares nucao, raw chocolate bars, it that is to say that the cocoa is not heated above 42°C, which allows it to retain all the vitamins naturally present. Finally, Forezia snacking offers freshly blended super smoothies enriched with vitamins.

Vegetables are also making a name for themselves in the snacking segment, as proven by Violife with its vegan feta or even Kokiriki and its vegan tone. Volatys innovates with its chicken fillet donut with cheese nuggets and Forezia snacking with its crispy chickpeas.

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