The Emergence accelerator: heading for success with Les Déterminés

Decompartmentalize suburbs and rural areas
Founded in 2015 by Moussa Camara, the association Les Déterminés helps project leaders and entrepreneurs from the city’s priority neighborhoods (QPV) to build and develop their activity. Over time and its deployment, with its in-depth knowledge of the field, it also intervenes in rural areas. “We try to reach all the territories in which we are established, with their particular sociologies, whether they are urban, peri-urban or rural, wherever there is a desire to undertake which comes up against a lack of solutions. We study their complexity by trying to find answers adapted to their specificities and to everyone’s desire to undertake”, says Moussa Camara, who himself experienced these difficulties when he set up his computer and telecommunications company in 2007, “alone, without a network, without support. It is by remembering this that I created Les Déterminés, with the desire to decompartmentalize the suburbs, by helping all those who are determined enough to undertake. »

It is therefore quite natural that Bpifrance chose this structure to operate its Emergence accelerator launched two years ago as part of the Entrepreneurship For All program. Intended to support entrepreneurs with high potential, from the Priority Districts of City Policy (QPPV), “from the idea to the Kbis”, its ambition is to facilitate access to the support offer, to animating communities of entrepreneurs and accelerating businesses. “By supporting structures like ours, by providing us not only with financial means but also with experts and mentors, Bpifrance helps us go deeper into the territories. In return, for the Public Investment Bank, it is a means of relying on flexible actors in the field, who can provide elements of a response quickly to these audiences. »
To date, 800 people – 64% of whom are women – have benefited from the support of the Determined, giving rise to 400 businesses (with a three-year sustainability rate of 80%). Its acceleration program has been built and refined over the past years, to achieve real organizational expertise. “By the force of experience, our method has evolved a lot, it is very concrete, based on the human being before the project. We are keen that project leaders acquire and digest the entrepreneurial culture, what is called the entrepreneurial myth, namely the attitudes and posture to adopt. »

A rich and intense program
The program takes place over six months and is based on three phases. First, the selection and integration of candidates, through information actions and workshops to raise awareness of the challenges of entrepreneurship. “In order to join the program, you have to live in a QPV or a specific territory. Graduate or not, with or without entrepreneurial experience, without age criteria”. Since its creation, the network has already reached 4,500 people. “Our strength is the territorial network. Our local coordinators, who know the specific issues on the ground, help us source people to be more relevant in how to reach them and inform them about our free training. »
Then comes the three-week intensive stage, which consists of working on the project/person fit, self-confidence, preparing the pitch, before entering the educational phase for five months. Two days a week, the in-house consultants and experts – who participated in the development of the method – deal with all the major entrepreneurial themes, from market research to the marketing of the product or service, including through the business plan, financing, marketing, communication, etc. “Our pedagogy adapts to each profile, providing a concrete, tailor-made response that is not academic. », indicates Moussa Camara. Each entrepreneur also benefits from the advice of a mentor – a business leader – and benefits from networking with professionals who share his area of ​​expertise, to develop his contacts and open up his possibilities for growth. When he leaves, he can join the Club des Déterminés, a very dynamic network of peers, which will allow him to progress throughout the life of his company, via events, seminars, workshops, meetings.

Promote employability
On the strength of its good results, the association is now setting up everywhere in France, already present in around fifteen cities which are experiencing the same problems as in the Paris region, between urban, peri-urban and rural areas, such as Nancy, Marseille, Montpellier, Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes, Rouen, Lille, Roubaix…. “It was important to replicate our model with the same level of requirement and quality, to see that it generates positive effects of success elsewhere than in Ile-de-France. Each time we weave a strong local network with public and private actors, we bring together a consortium around the project so that entrepreneurs have access to the entire economic ecosystem. Today we launch a new promotion every two weeks, and by 2024, we hope to support a thousand people each year. »
Finally, employability is a crucial aspect of the project of the Determined, which leaves no one on the side of the road. “Not everyone is necessarily destined to become an entrepreneur, and this concerns about 15% of our promotions. We have therefore developed another program dedicated to employment, which prepares young people for the environment of a company, which trains them for trades and recruits them on permanent contracts. Every year, 200 to 300 young people find a job in this way. “.

Why not you ?

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