These foods give as much energy as a cup of coffee

Ah, the sacrosanct morning coffee, your inevitable wake-up partner! However, from 10 am, your eyelids are heavy, and you spend the rest of the day chaining coffees to hold out until evening. And if you opt for the “superfood”, these foods that will give you all the energy you need to face your day?

Food, the pivot of your energy level

Between the quality of sleep, the practice of a sports activity, the stress level and much more, many factors can affect your energy level. Among these factors, diet also plays a role of paramount importance. Indeed, a unbalanced diet can cause your body to focus more on digestion, leaving you exhausted, but not getting the energy you expect.

If you’re looking for foods to keep you fit and energized, this is great, Ari Whitten, energy scientist and author of Eat for Energy, shared a list with the MBG Podcast. Thus, seven superfoods can be consumed to improve your energy level, and be as effective as a cup of coffee.

Vegetarian foods that replace coffee

This powerful plant contains high levels of nutrients such as protein, vitamins and iron. In fact, just one tablespoon contains 11% of the recommended dietary intake (RDA) for vitamin B1 (thiamin), 15% of the RDA for vitamin B2 (riboflavin), 21% of the RDA for copper and 11% of the RDA for iron. Furthermore : ” Spirulina is the subject of incredible research,” adds Ari Whitten, in particular “on performance, in terms of physical activity and energy levels “.

Broccoli sprouts are amazing “, supports the specialist. ” They act as a hormetic stressor for mitochondria, boosting mitochondrial health, stimulating mitochondrial biogenesis, stimulating detoxification processes. Mitochondria provide energy to every cell in the body, and hormetic stressors challenge them in healthy ways.

Next, we have a popular root vegetable: beets. The latter contains anti-inflammatory properties and organic nitrate, and “ studies have shown that they improve endurance performance and energy levels, largely because they help the circulatory system, help blood flow and deliver oxygen to tissues “.

Last but not least on Whitten’s list is the pomegranate. ” It shares some common benefits with beets », explains the expert. ” Lhe pomegranate is exceptionally high in a compound called ellagic acid which is converted by your gut microbiome into a compound called urolithin A. which is associated with better mitochondrial function. If you want to reap the benefits of pomegranate, you can simply snack on the ruby ​​red seeds, or stir them into a salad, add the juice to your smoothies, etc.

Animal proteins that replace coffee

Ari Whitten also recommends salmon roe, or any fish eggs salty flavor. ” They are extremely rich in omega-3 in the form of phospholipids, and it turns out that these can help improve the phospholipids of our cell and mitochondrial membranes. », explains the expert. Additionally, research shows that omega-3s may promote blood flow to the heart and brain, which has beneficial effects on mood and cognitive health.

It’s nature’s multivitamin “, argues Ari Whitten. ” I mean it’s just packed with the vitamins your body needs, as well as some important minerals. » offal, and especially the liver, are a powerful source of B vitamins, vitamins A, D, E and K, iron, zinc, choline, magnesium and selenium. Their protein content is an added bonus, as they provide the building blocks for peptide neurotransmitters like serotonin, one of the ” happiness hormone “.

Finally come the oysters, which provide Fatty acids, omega-3 DHA and EPA, vitamin B12, selenium and iron. They are also one of the richest dietary sources of zinc.

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