Understanding Unify Advertising’s offer (interview with Mr. Le Guével)

Unify – division which brings together all the activities pure players » TF1 digital media – announced in mid-September, seven months after the communication on its creation, the gathering of its sales teams within a common management: Unify Advertising. To understand the strategy and operational mode of this new entity, we interview Marie Le Guével, vice-president of Unify and chief revenue officer of the group.

What inventory does Unify Advertising specifically market? And with what reach ?
Marie Le Guével, Unify
Marie Le Guevel, Unify.

More than inventories, Unify Advertising above all makes it possible to design more powerful, relevant and efficient systems with agencies and their advertisers. We have the ability to use all of our brands, services and expertise within the group, from Aufeminin, Marmiton, Doctissimo, Parole de Mamans, MyLittleParis, Beauté Test, Les Numériques, Cnet, Zdnet, Gamekult, but also Studio71, Vertical Station (Minute Buzz, Fraiches, SuperBon, Hero, Juste Mieux), Magnetism, Ykone, TF1 Digital Factory and Gamned!…

Our reach, including our programmatic audience extension capabilities (with Gamned!), exceeds 90% in France. If we limit ourselves to our assets measurable media to date (excluding social), we are around 60% depending on the month.

What priority strategic principles do you deploy for their marketing?

Our wish is to react to the evolution of the market and to reach a sufficient scale to offer devices in line with the needs of agencies and brands today, with both power over strong universes and simplicity of ‘access.

The idea is not to present a longer and more complex commercial catalog. Our goal is to create integrated devices with higher added value thanks to the federation of our know-how. The important thing is no longer so much to sell one brand or another, but to change mind set. Above all, we need to listen to our customers (“consultants” versus “salespeople”). We wish to compose more adapted and effective tailor-made solutions. To do this, we are strengthening our management of cross-functional teams organized into areas of expertise: insightscreated and happy, influence, data, programmatic…. We organize ourselves with lead customer “. The latter coordinate the construction of systems internally and centralize exchanges with customers.

How to unify the marketing of all these environments. What technological challenges does this entail? And where are you in this process of “unification”?

First of all, it’s a question of human collaboration, which is going well with teams that are very involved, curious, creative and motivated by these new projects. And of course, there are issues of technological harmonization, interoperability and choice between tools. We are already very advanced with regard to theadserving and the tracking with a stack common technology. On this point, the latest migrations have just been successfully completed. The deployment of our programmatic technologies and header bidding is also advanced, as is data collection. Didomi is the CMP common to the group, and Adobe its unique DMP (technology also used by TF1).

We are also making rapid progress on many automation topics, particularly related to content creation, and sharing our best practices. This is only the beginning, but these are already important steps.

Of course, there are issues of technological harmonization, interoperability and choice between tools.

How does your advertising agency interact with TF1 Publicité?

They are numerous and fruitful. In particular, we launched commercial offers combining TV sponsorship (TF1 Publicité) and digital relay (Unify Advertising), with the unprecedented creation of a short TV program around Marmiton. We have also enriched the brand TV spots broadcast by TF1 with consumer reviews from our Unify consumer panels. And of course, created a lot of bespoke devices, mixing brand contentOPS, social, influence, event and programmatic.

And in terms of targeting, data?

In terms of data, the possibilities are immense and this, on all the main categories of data present on the consumer’s journey: socio-demographic, interests, intentions, consumption, moments of life… This also comes from the typology of our sites, which beyond being real referents for certain brands, are also service sites and help with purchasing decisions.

Take Marmiton for example, the recipe and the list of ingredients is the step that precedes the shopping. In the same way, Les Numériques allows you to get information, compare and choose the product you want to buy. And so on for Beauté Test… On all these sites, moreover, affiliate models are already a real asset with real potential for additional growth.

What importance do you attach to special operations, brand content and influence marketing?

Very tall. This is the bulk of the devices that we sell over-the-counter, alongside programmatic which quickly took over most of the classic display. But there is still room and a real demand for these devices that engage communities and brands differently. And I am the first pleasantly surprised, coming from a very programmatic previous environment.

I would also add the growing share of events that we offer to brands. In fact, there is an increasingly fine limit between the levers we offer. the brand content blends naturally with SEO, social with influence and eventsdata to media andinsight, etc. This is the strength of the tailor-made devices that we offer to brands. It is also that of our communities who interact with our content in all its forms.

Multi-screens.If we only focus on the operational aspect, are you in a logic of strong automation of media buying. If yes, how ? For example, can we imagine the possible creation of a private Unify ad-exchange?

Who can afford not to be? Programmatic having become a convenience for the digital market, this is already what we are implementing. By sharing and deploying our technologies and programmatic skills across all Unify assets.

What are your goals for this year again?

We have ambitious goals, in a year of significant launch and structuring. Implementation of common tools and processes, bringing together teams, sharing know-how, encouraging collaboration… Commercial synergies are accelerating. They have already allowed us to sign very beautiful collaborations and to prove the interest of our union.

We are very aware of the market, the forces present and the difficulty of emerging and offering easy-to-activate, tailor-made and effective devices… But it is together and through an optimized organization around our customers that we we will get there. It is also by always taking care of the links that we maintain with our communities, and those that we allow brands to weave with them.

Questions formulated by Luciana Uchôa-Lefebvre

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