USA 2020: the Capitol invaded by pro-Trump, the United States and the world in shock

This Wednesday evening, the Capitol, located in Washington, was invaded by pro-Trump activists. According to the US Capitol Historical Society, this is the first time the Capitol has been invaded since the building was burned down by British troops in 1814. These scenes of violence shocked the world.

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Unimaginable scenes in Washington: supporters of Donald Trump invaded the Capitol, the temple of American democracy, on Wednesday, interrupting the session which was to confirm the victory of Joe Biden.

After a break of several hours, Congress resumed the process of certifying the Democrat’s victory in the evening, by rejecting, in the Senate and then in the House of Representatives, the objections of elected Republicans to the results of the presidential election in the State of Arizona. Joe Biden had denounced, a little earlier from Delaware, a climate of ” insurrection “.

The images taken from inside the majestic building located in the heart of the American federal capital will mark history: elected officials wearing gas masks, plainclothes police officers with guns drawn. They will forever remain associated with the end of the tumultuous mandate of Donald Trump, who now appears extremely isolated in his own camp. For months, he has refused to accept his defeat and blows on the embers of division by brandishing conspiracy theories.

Of the National Guard soldiers were sent to Washington to restore calm after several hours of extreme tension. A curfew came into effect at the end of the afternoon in the city, where the state of emergency will be extended for two weeks.

In the midst of confusion, a woman was fatally injured in the Capitol by a shooting from the Washington police. This Southern California resident was named Ashli ​​Babbitt and was an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump. During a speech with a serious tone, Joe Biden, who will settle in the White House on January 20, denounced an attack “ unprecedented against American democracy. He called on Donald Trump to speak out ” immediately “on television to claim” the end of the siege of the Capitol and this insurrection “.

Donald Trump blocked on Facebook and Twitter

By way of solemn address, the American president contented himself with a few tweets and a brief video in which he asked his supporters to stay away from violence and to “return home”. ” I love you (…). I understand your pain “, he however added, evoking once again an election “ stolen “.

The video was taken down soon after by Facebook, which said it ” contributed to the risk of violence “. The social network has at the same time decided to block the American president for 24 hours. For its part, Twitter also deleted the video, blocked the @realDonaldTrump account for twelve hours and threatened him with permanent suspension, unprecedented measures.

The only surviving Republican predecessor of Donald Trump, George W. Bush, denounced scenes of chaos worthy of a ” banana republic “. For Barack Obama, this violence is ” a moment of dishonor and shame for America.

These images sparked outrage around the world. According to the US Capitol Historical Society, this is the first time the Capitol has been invaded since the building was burned down by British troops in 1814.

The violent incidents came the day after two by-elections in Georgia were won by the Democrats, who thus regained control of the Senate from the Republicans. Democrats will have 50 seats in the Senate, like Republicans. But as provided for in the Constitution, the future vice-president Kamala Harris will have the power to decide the votes, and therefore to tip the scales on the Democratic side.

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