When the city of Chartres becomes the star of a new board game

Lapin, known as a street-artist, has metamorphosed into a creator of board games. At the end of last week, he welcomed four players to the specialized store l’Antre du blup. Sophie, Pierre, Dominique and Vincent came to test the game invented by Lapin. For a quarter of an hour, he explains the universe and the rules of this game, “a mixture of Risk and Monopoly”, according to him.

Treuchar 2047 immerses players in a future that has nothing to do with today. In this universe, it is possible to recognize symbolic places of the Eurelian capital such as the cathedral. Others should be added, such as the media library or the theater, but nothing is certain, the game being only a prototype.

“You don’t get bored, it makes you want to play again”

The goal is to conquer the world. But not everyone wants to do it the same way. There are those who want nature to reign, others who want women to take over, certain that it’s the Apocalypse or that it all looks like the synopsis of the Terminator movie.

Lapin, the street-artist from Chartres, opens the Chemin des arts 2022

The game board is still temporary, the pawns were borrowed from other games and the banknotes needed for the game, Rabbit took them from his Monopoly box. The main thing, at l’Antre du blup, is to test the prototype, “to have feedback to make it evolve, to see what could be wrong”.
Because until this evening, in the basement of the Antre du blup, the only ones to have practiced Treuchar 2047 were Lapin’s wife and 8-year-old daughter.

Charles Maunoury alias Lapin has created a board game in Chartres.
The designer tries to camouflage his stress with a smile by unpacking his cards, his pawns and his board. He’s had the screenplay in mind for two to three years and “seriously working on it” for six months. Rabbit used artificial intelligence to design the designs for his board. The graphics take as a model the ring road of Chartres and the architecture of the cathedral.

Sylvain Azéma, an employee at l’Antre du blup, offered Rabbit to test his game in the shop. He has no memory of a game taking Chartres as a setting: “I have never heard of a board game located in Chartres. The only one that comes close is Sagrada, which tackles the subject of stained glass. »

premium They played until the end of the night with Ludo’Perche in Nogent-le-Rotrou

100 or 1,000 copies

Peter is reassured. He saw that the rules fit on one page, “it’s a good sign”, according to him. Sophie and Vincent enjoyed the evening. “It’s a long start, I think Rabbit will rework the text explaining the rules to improve understanding,” Sophie assumes. According to Vincent, “there is a lot of information to assimilate, we need a start”.

The game was tested at the Den of the Blup by four players.
Both players still had a great time. “Once we understand the concept, we dive into it”, judge Sophie. His neighbor on the set, Vincent, liked “the friendly, original and quirky universe. “He adds:” We don’t get bored, it makes you want to play again,” he says.

Treuchar 2047 will perhaps be marketed, “100 or 1,000 copies”, according to its inventor. But it will be necessary to wait a little longer before finding it in the shelves of the Den of the blup. According to Vincent, one of the player-testers, “there isn’t much missing for it to become marketable. Everything has been well thought out”.

Aurelie Chupin


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