YouTube Music arrives in France

There was already Google Play Music, which walked discreetly in the shadow of Spotify, Apple Music and other Deezers. The American giant is now moving up a gear on music streaming by leveraging the power of YouTube. Since yesterday, its new YouTube Music service, in free or paid version (Premium), is available in France. With some differences compared to the competition.

Free Youtube Music: open and limited at the same time

Like its rivals, YouTube Music offers a free version, via the Android or iOS app or on a computer. Listening and creating personalized playlists are on the program, as well as listening to albums in order and access to all the music videos available on YouTube.

With a concession for free use: this formula without subscription only offers videos selected titles, not the audio alone. With free YouTube Music, be careful, therefore, of data consumption in 3G/4G, even if these videos are often limited to a photo or an album cover in static form, which consumes less data. After checking, it also seems possible (for the moment?) to listen, via YouTube Music, to titles whose videos are not present on YouTube. In audio only, therefore.

Youtube Music presentation

Other counterparties to expect on the free version of YouTube Music: the inevitable advertising breaks, or the impossibility of downloading titles to listen to them offline. And above all a well-known limitation of YouTube users: theunable to run the app in the backgroundto listen to music while doing other things on your smartphone or when it is locked.

Youtube Music Premium: classic streaming but XXL catalog

The paid plan of YouTube Music, at 9.99€/month as with competitors, removes all of these obstacles, in particular the background operation, notoriously absent from the classic YouTube app. The paid offer also gives access to offline mode and the ability to select a read only in audio. Without forgetting thelack of advertising… Note that for its launch, the subscription is free for the first three months for testing. Except for users who have already taken advantage of the 30-day free offer of Google Play Music (which for now continues to work in conjunction with YouTube Music).

Not much more than the competition then? Maybe not on the features, but watch out for the catalog. If YouTube has not communicated on the number of “official” titles offered for listening, it can rely on a whole section of online music to which its rivals do not have access. That is to say, an almost inexhaustible stock of concerts, untraceable versions, remixes and other independent or self-produced music, put online more or less officially by the millions of users of the service around the world.

YouTube Music Awards

Other Youtube subscription plans

The YouTube Music Premium service is also available in family version, at €14.99 per monthfor simultaneous listening for up to 6 members.

Another version of the new service: YouTube-Premium, which provides access to all of the platform’s video content via the application, but without advertising. Also with the possibility of downloading the videos for offline viewing, or even access to exclusive YouTube Originals content. Subscription cost: €11.99/month, and €17.99 for the family formula.

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