Zalando makes eco-responsible fashion shine in society

On the sidelines of the Fashion Week from ParisMilan, New York and London, stands out the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Highly recognized in the fashion industry, this week focuses on style as well aseco-responsibility. Notions dear to the hearts of fashion aficionados, more than ever aware of the climate issues in question. And for good reason, it is in this that the Copenhagen Fashion Week has been able to stand out over the course of just a few years: by taking a turn green which makes so much sense in the Danish capital, praised for its merits in this area.

Copenhagen Fashion Week SS23: the most eco-responsible fashion week

It is from August 9 to 12, 2022 that the now famous Copenhagen Fashion Week SS23 took up residence in Scandinavia. But what would a fashion week in Denmark be without the intervention of Zalando ? Certainly not what it is.


Zalando reiterates its partnership with Copenhagen Fashion Week

As usual, the German trade company piloted from Berlin therefore reiterated its partnership with this major event. In the program ? The competition of three distinguished finalists, with unique and complementary distinctive universes, having as a key word the sustainability.

Among them ? REBURN“a collaborative and creative fashion studio where everyday design meets responsible production”, but also MWORKS a Parisian brand focused on men’s collections, without forgetting RANRA headed by Arnar Mar Jonsson and Luke Stevens. In other words, the lucky winners of this new edition Zalando x CPHFW. The opportunity for each designer, artistic director and founder to join forces for the benefit of a eco-responsible fashion 2.0.

Eco-responsibility: young creators feel more concerned than ever

In response to environmental issues, brands are committed to following a few guidelines to put their collections green. “Each collection is a tour of Europe of each solution that exists” confide Mansour Martin and Marie Bernet at the head of MWORKS, to our journalist. Explaining that there are various start-ups and “more established manufacturers who want to change things”, the latter (for whom this parade was the first) express their wish “to try to be a showcase of all these solutions and to combine them together”. be nominated by Zalando is a realspringboard” offering their brand, as well as others, a incredible visibility. An opinion shared by the duo of founders of RANRA, the finalists having won the prize coveted by creators for whom sustainability is essential.

RANRA: the eco-responsible fashion brand that wins the Zalando x CPHFW award

We never thought RANRA was a catwalk brand” they revealed to our fashion expert just hours before the winners were announced by the members of the jury. “When Zalando offers you such an opportunity, we can only accept it”.

Elected as the favorites of the season, Arnar Mar Jonsson and Luke Stevens certify that their “approach has always been to find eco-responsible alternatives”. Present their spring-summer 2023 collection at the Copenhagen Fashion Week could only make sense. Their eco-responsible approach? To recycle quality fabrics in order to give them a new life, use natural colors to tint the parts, and to use sustainable materials mainly from the same company based in Italy.

Second-hand: second-hand clothes are of increasing interest to consumers

On site, we had the opportunity to interview Laura Coppen, head of circularity at Zalando. According to her, consumer interest in second hand fashion is getting stronger. Therefore, there is a growing market to tap into. “In Scandinavia, customers are more concerned about buying sustainable clothes and recycling them”, “I think it’s amazing that Fashion Week is turning to sustainability” justifying this by the fact that “brands, big or small, have need to be inspired by eco-responsible trends observed through parades such as those presented in Copenhagen. Recalling in particular that sustainability is the future and that the fashion industry has no choice, Laura Coppen positions the CPHFW as leader in the matter.

What are the eco-friendly fashion trends spotted at Copenhagen Fashion Week?

Parachute pants and cargo pants, casual flip flops, fisherman sandals, baby doll dresses and upcycled clothes were on the streets of the Danish capital. Stylistic compositions mainly established from pieces from designers and accessible brands, whose motto is eco-responsibility, but also vintage, recycled or even customized clothing and accessories.

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